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Lights On! Jewellery Design Competition

The competition is open to designers, artists and students, as individuals or working in groups and living in Finland or Estonia.  The goal of the competition is to find an innovative piece of jewellery which would be symbolic of the power embedded within historical sites in Finland and Estonia. 

The Organizer of the Competition: Humak University of Applied Sciences


The Lights On! project seeks to create a joint network of historical tourist attractions in Finland and Estonia.  In Finland, the attractions in the spotlight are the Kuusisto Bishop’s Castle ruins, the Raseborg Castle ruins, the Rapola Hill Fort and the Vallisaari Fortress.  The attractions in Estonia are the Neeruti Hill Fort, the Varbola Hill Fort, the Lõhavere Fortress and the Keila-Joa Historical Manor Park.  The project seeks to encourage people to visit these sites which will hopefully become attractive travel destinations. You can find more information about the sites at www.lightson.humak.fi and www.metsa.fi/lightson

One part of the project is to develop the marketing of the sites.  Different tourism products such as souvenirs and handicraft products will be created in collaboration with local entrepreneurs.  With the help of the Jewellery Design Competition, we are trying to make these sites become familiar to a larger audience.  We would also like to use these sites and their history in to develop business among local jewellery and handicraft makers.   


The competition assignment is to create a piece of jewellery which would reference these eight fascinating sites and tell their stories through jewellery design.  The piece of jewellery should consist of a central body and eight symbolic collectible pieces which can all be attached to the body making it a unified, connected piece.  The material, manufacturing as well as the dimensions of the piece of jewellery may be decided by the participants.


The judgement criteria include design, content, innovation, the durability of the product and its marketability.  Competitive pricing, serial production and the usability of the product will also be taken into consideration.  

The competition organizer will attempt to help market the winning design by finding possible retail locations.  


Competition period 16.5.2016 – 1.8.2016
The deadline for submission of proposals 1.8.2016
The winner will be announced on Finnish Nature Day 27.8.2016

The winner will be contacted personally and the results will be published both on Lights On! project and Metsähallitus’ homepages.

The jury of the competition

Saimi Hoyer, National Park Ambassador, Manager of State Hotel Punkaharju
Kai Lobjakas, Director, the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design
Päivi Ruutiainen, D.A., Humak University of Applied Sciences
Outi Ala-Härkönen, Communications Officer, Metsähallitus Natural Heritage


Participation in the competition

The competition is open to designers, artists and students, as individuals or working in groups living in Finland or Estonia.  Each participant or working group can submit up to three proposals.  Each proposal must be submitted separately. Finnish and English will be the languages of communication.

Submitting competition proposals

The competition ends 1.8.2016 at 23.59 Finnish time, by which the proposals should be submitted HERE. The proposal must include 1-3 image attachments (drawing, photograph, computer simulation) as well as a concise text describing the idea behind the piece of jewellery, design, materials, commercialization and usability.  All the attachments have to be in pdf format and the size of one attachment can be maximum 2 MB.  Competition proposals arriving after the deadline will not be considered.  Previously published competition works should not be submitted. The organizer reserves the right to select or not select the winner among the entries.          

Copyright ownership and license agreement

The copyright remains with the property of the designer/designers.  In the case of a working group, the participants must agree how the rights will be shared before entering the contest.  The creator of the proposal asserts that his/her proposal does not infringe the rights of others nor is a reproduction of any work previously published.  The competition organizer is not responsible for the copying of ideas or projects as a result of their dissemination (through pictures or online) as part of the competition.


The winner can choose between three award alternatives

A. Sales Location: Old Student House Christmas Market by POP UP ILO 17.-23.12.2016, Helsinki, value 1107 e 

B.Product/Portrait photography, photographer Mikael Pettersson, Helsinki, value 2000 e

C. Design consulting service / Design audit, AKU, Tallinna, value 2000 e


For any further questions or information you can contact

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