Keila-Joa is a small borough located west of Tallinn, along the northern coast of Estonia.  It has a population of just over 300 people.  There have been two historically significant manor houses in Keila-Joe. The first manor house from the 17th century was destroyed and the latter manor house, built in 1833, now functions as a museum.  The Keila-Joa Manor is located in a spectacular historic park near a river flowing to a picturesque 6 meter high waterfall which extends tens of meters in width.

There is 3 kilometer long nature trail that runs through the area.  The nature trail starts at the parking area, goes along the riverbank towards the sea and then returns to the starting point. There is so much to see that it takes several hours to complete the walk.  The nature trail is a popular destination among wedding couples since brides and grooms have put love locks on the bridges crossing over the rivers to symbolize their everlasting love.

In 2013 the bridges had to be renovated and the love locks removed since they increased the corrosion of the bridges.  Two years later, the sculpture “Two Hearts” by Estonian artist Mati Karmin was put into the place.  The sculpture is specifically designed to deflect the love locks’ focus away from the bridges since the locks can now be attached to the artwork.


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