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Lights On Raasepori! is a public lighting design competition aimed at finding ideas for an insightful and innovative temporary light installation for the façade of the ruins of Raasepori Castle. The winning proposal will be the highlight of Raasepori’s light-themed event in August 2017. The event is part of the Finland 100 Years programme, and it will take place on the Night of Ancient Bonfires in connection with Finnish Nature Day on 26 August 2017 as part of Luonnon Päivät events.

The organisers of the competition are Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland and Humak University of Applied Sciences.

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The colourful history of Raasepori Castle dates back to the 14th century, when it represented the power of the King of Sweden in Finland, and extends all the way to the founding of Helsinki in 1550. Lights on! will now awaken Raseborg Castle from its centuries of slumber to new splendour.

The competition is part of the Lights On! partnership project that showcases eight historical destinations in Finland and Estonia and sheds light on the fascinating shared past of the North-Eastern Baltic Sea.

The project involves establishing a network of historical tourist attractions in Finland and Estonia: In Finland, the network includes the ruins of Kuusisto Castle and Raasepori Castle, Rapola Hill Fort, and Vallisaari Island off the coast of Helsinki. Estonian destinations include Neeruti Hill Fort, Varbola Stronghold, Lõhavere Hill Fort, and the historical grounds of Keila-Joa Manor Park. Lights On! is aimed at finding new, charismatic ways to develop these eight ancient monuments as tourist destinations, and attracting new visitors by improving visitor experience. Marketing for the destinations will also be improved as part of the project together with local businesses. For more detailed information about the destinations, please visit  www.lightson.humak.fi and www.metsa.fi/lightson.



The task is to design a temporary light installation for the façade facing the lawn at the ruins of Raasepori Castle. Contestants can choose the method and size of their installation freely. The budget for the installation (including the technical production, electricity and other production expences) is EUR 30 000, including VAT at the current rate. The organiser will outsource the building of the winning installation in 2017 according to public procurement rules.



Special attention will be given to:
1. Originality and innovativeness
2. Feasibility of the implementation
3. Ties to the historical aspects of Raasepori Castle
4. Appropriateness to the surroundings and eco-friendliness



Competition period 18.5.2016 – 2.9.2016
The deadline for submission of proposals 2.9.2016
The winner will be announced 26.10.2016

The winner will be contacted personally and the results will be published both on Lights On! project and Metsähallitus’ homepages.



The competition is open to all Finnish, Estonian and foreign citizens over 18 years of age. Each contestant or team can submit up to three proposals. Each proposal must be entered into the competition separately. Previously published installations can also be entered into the competition. In these cases, contestants must include information about the previous occasions on which the installation has been used and on intellectual property rights.

The official languages of the competition are English and Finnish. The applications can be submitted in English and Finnish.


Submitting competition proposals

The competition ends 2.9.2016 at 11:59 pm GMT+2, by which the proposals must be submitted HERE!

Proposals must include:
1. 1–3 illustrations
2. A brief description of the idea in writing
3. A description of the technological requirements
4. A cost estimate

All appendices must be in PDF format, the maximum file size is 2 MB. If you wish to leave materials in the form of a link (possible videos etc.), please give the link in PDF format. All appendices must be signed under a pseudonym. Proposals received after the deadline will not be considered. Proposals will not be returned to contestants.


The jury of the competition

Tarja Ervasti, Lighting Designer, Light Artist
Indrek Leht, Director of Tallinn Valgusfestival
Stuba Nikula, Cultural Director at City of Helsinki
Ilkka Paloniemi, Lighting Designer, Artistic Director of Lux Helsinki
Jari Vuorinen, Lighting Designer, Partner at Lighting Design Collective
Henrik Jansson, Park Superintendent at Metsähallitus



The winner will receive a prize of EUR 8000 (taxable income).

The organiser retains the right to not choose a winner from among the proposals submitted to the competition.


Rights to competition proposals

Contestants retain rights to their proposals. Teams of designers must decide on the division of rights among themselves before entering the competition. Contestants must sign a declaration indicating that, to the best of their knowledge, their proposal does not violate the rights of others. The organiser cannot be held liable if an idea published in documents relating to the competition or its results is subsequently used by a third party without permission. By entering the competition, the participant assigns the right to use and publicly display his/her proposal to the organiser  for the communications and marketing of the competition.

Proposals submitted to the competition will be published on the Lights On! website after the competition period, and the public will be invited to vote for their favourite, which will be announced in connection with the publication of the official winner.


For any further questions or information please contact:




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